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Five Reasons a Mobile App Benefits Your Business

In regards to the growth of your business, a mobile app is considered one of the most powerful tools to contact and retain your target audience. Given the fact almost everyone in the developed world owns a smartphone, this market will only continue to grow, which is THE reason why your business needs to focus on mobile technology development. Granata Digital’s specialised mobile phone apps are designed to benefit both your clients and business. Still not convinced?

Important benefits a business mobile app can provide

  1. Sales growth

With a mobile app, you can motivate and encourage clients to purchase your products in a more direct fashion. Using promotion, discount, special offer and bonus push notifications, you can directly contact all users who have installed your app and as a result, encourage them to buy your product or use your service. In addition, an app allows your customer to make mobile payments, which given their convenience and ease, as well the fact people these days are time poor, it is no wonder this preferred way of paying is fast becoming the way forward.

  1. Audience expansion

If a customer has YOUR app on their phone, there is no need for them to remember an email or web address, as all such information is already installed on their phone. In fact, depending on the functionality of your app, people, in any country around the world, can even use it without having to access the Internet. To enhance installation rates, Granata Digital also recommends offering bonuses or discounts to encourage clients to enter your information space. Remember, the more people who use your app equates to more business and ultimately, more profit.

  1. Marketing and Communication Channels

Mobile apps are key to communicating your marketing messages to clients in a direct and efficient manner. In this way, your business can both expand potential client numbers and develop on-going and trustworthy relationships with them. Granata Digital apps are all about versatility and diversity, through our technology you can publish news on relevant resources, or send out press releases and newsletters – however you want to communicate your marketing message, we can adapt your app to ensure it gets the message across.

  1. Valuable Feedback and Assessment

Apps are crucial in gathering client data and feedback in regards to your product or service. For example, through the utilisation of an app, you can discover which products your customers love and want more of, or particular services they think could be improved. In addition, you can monitor how much time your customers are spending on the app, their geographic locations, demographic data and other useful statistics, allowing you to understand how your app can be developed further to optismise client usage. Granata Digital understands that customers are key and we are here to ensure that your app retains and grows your customer base.

  1. Competitive advantage

Granata Digital apps give your business the competitive edge it needs, allowing you to take full advantage of the potential of both your website and mobile app. This is an area of marketing and sales that can be used confidently and expertly to increase and broaden recognition of your brand. An app may seem like a small development, but in terms of its’ potential and incredibly powerful ability to attract customers to your business, the app is not be underestimated.

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