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Mobile advertising is the future

Especially interesting is that mobile should soon pass TV as the number one screen of choice for the masses that is why mobile advertising is the future. The rule of thumb is to put your advertising dollars where the eyeballs are. More and more, the eyeballs are on mobile.

But there is so much more to mobile. Users are connected to their devices in a much deeper and more personal way than to any other medium. People practically sleep with their devices. It is always with them and accessible.

A mobile app is the best solution

One of the best ways to advertise on a mobile device is through a mobile app. Where an ad that pops up at you is interruption marketing no matter how targeted, users who own your app want to hear from you.

As mobile apps become the place where users spend the majority of their time, brands are faced with a bigger challenge. It is very expensive for them to build quality mobile apps.

This is big news for small businesses

So why is this great news for the small business? Because where these big brands have all of these limitations, the little guy can be much more flexible with mobile advertising.

The secret to providing a great mobile app is to provide a solution to a problem for your customers. If you can do that, they will be plugged right into your marketing the way Neo was plugged into the Matrix.

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