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mobile trends to focus on in 2020

5 Mobile Trends To Focus On In 2020

One of the most exciting things about technology is that it’s always evolving, that is why we have put together the 5 mobile trends to focus on in 2020.

We’re long past Xerox’s experiments with a graphical user interface in the 1970s, and further still from the printed output of the first computers.

It’s amazing to think that 15 years ago, PalmPilot’s and Blackberries weren’t even able to render images, but as mobile has become the most heavily used platform, much more complicated tasks have become the norm.

As newer trends, such as infinite scrolling and hamburger menus, become contentious, what will replace them?

No need for a crystal ball—we’ve done the research instead.

Here are the mobile trends to watch for in 2020

  • Increased Usage of Mobile – That’s right—mobile itself is a trend!
  • The True Beginning of 5G in Australia
  • Augmented And Virtual Reality
  • The Rise Of Digital Health
  • Bold Colours And Gradients are a brand trend

As technology changes, the world changes. Sixty years ago, no one would have imagined that a machine the size of several rooms would one day fit into our pockets, and that our connection to that machine would define many aspects of our lives.

As we are in 2020 now, we’ll start to see even more widespread usage of these technologies, and a strong adoption of the trends mentioned above. What other trends will define 2020? How will our relationship to technology change—again? Guess we’ll find out for sure this year.

Whatever happens, we know it’ll be exciting!

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